Black Earth - A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth LP

Black Earth - A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth LP

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Black Earth is the trinity of:
Alejandro Durán: electronics, chains.
Miguel A. García: electronics, sampler.
Alejandro Tedín: guitar, bass, voice, electronics.

Acolytes on this recording:
Unai Arrese (drums), Txemi Artigas (bass), Marta Sainz (voice, piano).

And collaborations of Jon Azpiri, Estanis Comella, Inazio Escudero, Nick Hoffman, Rubén Jodra, Álvaro Matilla, Jorge Núñez, Myriam Petralanda, Ibon Rodríguez, Miguel Souto, Fernando Ulzión and Mikel Vega.

Captured between MMXII and MMXIV.
Edited, produced and mixed by Miguel A. García.
Mastered by Zack Allen at Obsidian Eye Studios.
Graphics by Alejandro Tedín.